HIPAA Compliance

Alive Health is fully HIPAA compliant, adhering to all applicable regulations and guidelines to protect your privacy and ensure the security of your data.

Advanced Security Measures

We employ advanced security measures, including encryption and secure data transmission, to safeguard your information and prevent unauthorized access.

No EHR Functionality

Alive Health is not an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

We do not store complete medical records or require the submission of any personally identifiable information.

72-Hour Data Retention

As an additional security measure, all transcribed data is automatically deleted after 72 hours.

Users are responsible for copying and transferring notes to their own EHR systems within this time frame.

AI-Powered Transcription

Our AI-driven transcription process eliminates the need for human involvement, ensuring that only authorized medical professionals have access to patient information.

Business Associate Agreement and HIPAA Documentation

Our HIPAA compliance and risk assessment is managed by our HIPAA compliance officer and Abyde. Should you have any questions about our compliance or would like a signed BAA or view other HIPAA-related documentation, send us an email at info@alive.ooo.

Terms of Use

1. Purpose and Scope

Alive Health is a medical transcription tool designed to assist healthcare professionals with documenting patient encounters. It is not intended for use as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, and users should not rely on Alive Health for the storage of complete medical records.

2. Data Retention and Responsibility

Users are responsible for copying and transferring all notes and transcriptions from Alive Health to their own EHR systems within 72 hours of creation. Alive Health automatically deletes all data after this period, and we cannot be held responsible for the loss of any information not properly saved by users.

3. Privacy and Security

Alive Health is committed to protecting the privacy and security of user data. We implement advanced security measures to prevent unauthorized access and comply with all applicable HIPAA regulations. Users are responsible for ensuring that their own systems and devices also comply with HIPAA and any other relevant privacy laws.

4. Limitations and Disclaimer

While we strive to provide an accurate and efficient transcription and AI service, Alive Health cannot guarantee complete accuracy or error-free operation. Users are responsible for verifying the accuracy of all transcriptions and should not rely solely on Alive Health for critical decision-making. Just as when a physician uses a scribe in their practice, the physician must review the note and make any necessary changes before submitting a medical note to the medical record.

5. Changes to Terms of Use

We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. Continued use of Alive Health constitutes acceptance of any changes to the terms. It is the responsibility of users to regularly review these terms and remain informed about any updates.

Privacy Policy